So here I am posting for the first time in nearly two months… Ironic that my last post was “Decelerating”! My ensuing “silence” after that post could be interpreted to mean that I decelerated to a complete stop in my training – but that was most certainly not the case. It was simply a matter of being too busy to post because of work and other things, although that same combination of responsibilities and distractions have surely made my workouts less frequent. But it is impossible to keep up a peak pace all year long.

Anyway, as an icebreaker post, here’s a workout I got particular satisfaction out of yesterday:

Warm-up – 2x 3 min rounds jump rope

Circuit – repeated 3x:

– 500m row
– 10 push-ups
– 25 crunches
– 5 reps burpee horizontal box jump and sprint (a new favorite!)

– 16 pull-ups (completed in three sets, limiting rest to 1 min between sets)

– 12 min Sadiv set deadlifts 140 lbs w/ trap bar – completed 60 reps (although I used less than the prescribed 60% of my one rep max, but many more reps)

– 16 pull-ups (completed in four sets)