With the arrival of Thanksgiving comes that time of year when we start seeing all of the articles and blog posts about how to keep from blowing your diet or nutrition plan during the holidays. While it is certainly important not to go off the rails for the entire four or five week holiday season, the onslaught of advice about how to make wise choices on Thanksgiving Day is overkill. IT’S JUST ONE DAY!!! Eat what you want to eat! One day is not going to do anything to you, unless you are preparing for a competition within the next week. True, one day of overeating can theoretically result in a pound of weight gain that is never lost –  if you never exercise. But in that case you have bigger problems than what you eat on Thanksgiving. If you are disciplined about nutrition and exercise all year, go ahead and enjoy your Thanksgiving feast. I’m not saying to have three pieces of pumpkin pie on top of all the other stuff, but don’t pay too much attention to what you should and shouldn’t eat. Get a good workout in during the morning, then have at that turkey, stuffing and gravy… And get back in the gym Friday morning!

Happy Thanksgiving all!