On Saturday, November 8, 2014, Bernard Hopkins lost by unanimous decision to Sergey Kovalev, who unified three light-heavyweight titles with his victory.

Hopkins fought at 49 years old, against a 31-year-old. When I Google’d the fight to read more about it this morning, I was dismayed by one of the top links that was displayed: “Bernard Hopkins, 49, Shows His Age in 12-Round Title Bout.”

Are you kidding me?!? Hopkins went the distance, and nobody else had done that with Kovalev, who had not previously gone beyond the 8th round. Before Saturday night, Kovalev was 25-0-1, and 23 of his 25 victories were by knockout! In going the distance, Hopkins gave us a real-life version of the first Rocky vs. Apollo Creed fight – except Rocky wasn’t nearly 20 years older than Creed! Yes, Kovalev dominated the fight, but Hopkins was constantly bobbing and weaving, and showed little, if any, signs of fatigue in my view.

In my book, Hopkins is a winner. He did not show his age on Saturday, he defied it. I hope he fights again after he turns 50 in two months; it would be a nice round milestone number at which to enter the ring one last time.